Solar Roof Models


Hybrid solar photovoltaic system is a system where solar and grid power technology are used together to provide more advantages.

If the energy generated by PVs is sufficient for home consumption, the inverter will use PV energy and provide more power to the battery.

Likewise, if consumption exceeds PV energy, the inverter will take extra energy from the grid.

When there is no sun, the inverter uses only the energy from the batteries or gets the energy it will use from the grid, depending on the energy consumption.


On-grid solar energy system is a system connected to the central electricity grid and generating electricity from solar panels. Electricity produced by photovoltaic systems is called on-grid systems that are used at the time of its generation and transmit the more energy produced than you need to the network instantly, since there is no additional storage (battery-battery, etc.) interface.

Solar panels that you have installed on the roof or facades of your home will reduce your electricity bill greatly by reducing your electricity usage from the grid. With this system connected to the network, you can sell the electricity that you have produced too much or you do not use to the distribution companies by using the bidirectional electricity meter. With this system you have established, you can provide yourself a new income gate.


Photovoltaic systems are a system that is not connected to the central grid and therefore needs to store the generated electrical energy. Off-grid systems are much more complex than grid-connected systems.

The use of off grid solar systems (Off Grid) is absolutely perfect for meeting medium and low power energy demand in highland-mountain houses and rural areas where there is no grid line or it is not economical to connect to the grid line.

This off-grid system requires electrical energy to be stored in batteries. It should be designed to have sufficient battery capacity to meet the loads connected to the system (air conditioner, television, lamps, etc.).


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